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Welcome to SIVT

The Pioneering Educational Institute in Vocational & Professional Qualifications If you have a passion for challenge and achievement, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to make your career with a company that is destined to be numero uno, then considers what Symbiosis Institute of Education has to offer. We are delivering high end trainings to students and professionals and evolving services around training.

As we all know that in today's world computer education is necessary for every individual. Education is not complete without the knowledge of computer. Education enables a person to realize his duties & responsibilities towards the society and his country. Economic growth can be achieved only through better human resources. In fact, "Human Resources" is the most significant strength; an institution can ever develop to provide a competitive edge to the society in the Global perspective. SIVT (Shivam Institute For Vocational Trainings) believes that human capitals is the key for national growth and choose education as means to excel in creating skills & knowledge by improving the quality of human resource. SIVT aims to become a centre for excellence and dedicates itself to meet the vision of India by transforming students into highly talented individual with commitment, integrity and patriotism. I, Whole heartedly with best of luck, to all those who seek admission in SIVT and welcome you to our door to success.


Our Journey

SIVT started its journey in IT Education since 5th October 2002. SIVT launched its 1st branch at Bharari ,Distt.Bilaspur on 5th October 2002. And in initial stage only for member and staff member are available that time and no admission available till 31st Dec.2002. we really depressed regarding IT Education decision, But Jan 2003 we have got 5 admissions, which makes us confidential. After 5 months on 15th May 2003 we have opened a new branch at Ghumarwin. In this branch we got 3 more dedicated staff members. They have doing extra ordinary work for SIVT.

We positively hopeful for SIVT future. Our 3rd branch opened in Chailchowk Distt. Mandi on 10th March 2004. The number of our team member is 10 and our 4th branch was opened in Berthin in 21th May 2004, after Six months we opened a new branch on 17th Nov2004 at Thunag Distt.Mandi. We opened our 7th branch at Dangar on 2nd July 2005 and 8th branch at Kuthera on 7th August2005. Our 9th branch opened on 5th April 2006 at Shahtalai. After that we opened our 10th branch at Bilaspur in Nov2007. And 11th Branch at Karsog in April 2008. Our 12th Branch opened at Kullu July 2009. After that we opened new branches at Chamba in 2010, Rohanda & Kulthani also opened in 2011. After that we opened other new branches at Sunni&Shimla in 2011. And in 2010 we opened at Jahu, Salloni, Bijhri and Cheuni, Killing,Drini. Presently SIVT Running Successfully 28 branches. And presently 17 society member are working in SIVT management. And around 76 staff members working in SIVT institution as instructor.